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The Off Season

For people that only deer hunt, you have entered... the off season. (Cue the dark and scary music). Sure, you are supposed to already start thinking about and planning for next deer season, because deer season lasts all year and all that. But that budding excitement of running in after work, changing into camo, and running to your tree stand to cram in a couple hours before supper time sunset has ended.

It's hard to explain to your co-workers, wife or friends the thrill of anticipation to get back in the tree stand after trail cams show the same 8 point buck in your corn pile at 7:01am for the last 3 days. Or the rush of adrenaline and rapid heart rate that accompanies a couple does sauntering out into your shooting lane.

Perhaps you know there's no other place you'll be able to find the peace and calm for the next nine months that is equal to that of sitting in a ground blind on a crisp late Fall evening as even the animals seem to quiet down in reverence of it all. We get it. The off season can be almost disorienting.

However, there's no other place we'd rather be than outside. After deer season ends, the Fuel Staff and Crew is steady planning for crappie fishing, duck hunting, turkey season, hiking, camping, kayaking... you name it. Years of experience confirm that the only cure for the off season is to make a new season. We encourage you to Fuel Your Passion for the outdoors by trying something new this year.

What new season will you try in 2019?

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