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Improving Bowhunting Accuracy

Can we all agree that there is nothing that will crush all your hopes and dreams faster than an arrow sailing over the back of a shooter buck on the opening day of bow season? You can prep all you want to for deer season, but if you are not shooting with accuracy, it’s all pointless. Below are some things you can do that may help improve your accuracy.

  • Some of these tips will require the assistance of an experience bow tech at a trusted bow shop. If you don’t have one, find one. Having your bow properly tuned by an experienced bow tech is one of the fastest ways to improve accuracy.

  • Draw length. It is more common than you think that bowhunters are shooting with the wrong draw length. They buy the bow online or think their draw length is X because they were measured 25 years ago. Even half of an inch can affect your accuracy.

  • Draw weight. Dude, not everyone is Cam Hanes and needs to pull 85lbs. Calm down Hulk Hogan. You only need 40-50 pounds to take an NC deer. If you’re struggling to pull your draw weight after 10 shots, you need to take it down. Muscle fatigue will ruin your form and absolutely affect your accuracy.

  • Stabilizers. Every accessory you mount on your bow will add weight and potentially lean to your bow. Front and sidebar stabilizers can help counter act things like sight weight.

  • Anchor points. From kisser buttons or to the new Bowmar Nose Button, an anchor point will help with muscle memory and repetitive accuracy.

  • Target panic and trigger punching. Maybe it’s your release. Maybe it’s all in your head. It can affect everyone from newbie archers to 20+ year bowhunting veterans. There are exercises you can complete to help cure these issues. We recommend checking out this video from John Dudley.

  • Arrows. A local pro shop can match your bow with a correctly spined shaft and build them from scratch for you.

  • Your stance. Just like shooting a rifle or a shotgun, your stance will affect your accuracy. Have a friend take pictures of you at full draw and inspect your stance. If you're not really sure what to look for, your local bow shop can help you out here.

It’s important to remember that everyone is different. What works for one guy may not work for another guy. On the other hand, there are somethings that are bowhunting Gospel, not meant to be debated. How do you know what to follow? Seek the assistance of your trusted, local bow shop.

Fuel Outdoor Gear is your local bow shop serving the Piedmont Triad area. We are open Tuesday - Friday 10a-6p and Saturday 9a-1p at 109 W. White Drive in Archdale, NC. Come see us!

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