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Making the Most of the Last Weeks of Deer Season

Late Deer Season Tips

In the final weeks of deer season, many hunters may feel the panic of unfilled tags and dwindling opportunities to make it to the treestand. Avoid end of season anxiety with these helpful tips and ideas:

  • Take a kid hunting. Haven’t had the best year hunting? There’s no greater way to fuel your passion for deer hunting than to hand that passion down to the next generation. Seeing their eyes light up when any sort of wildlife walks into view or even sharing in the celebration after shooting their first deer is guaranteed to make your final weeks of hunting season the best.

  • Say ‘no’ to something. Ok, your family may kill us for this tip, but honestly, this is a life game changer. When you look at your calendar for the end of the year, is there anything on there that doesn’t fuel your passion for anything? Did you over-commit yourself again? Say ‘no’. Take that activity back off your calendar and head to the woods. Fuel your passion for being in control of your calendar.

  • Explore game lands. Not feeling your land anymore? Check out the public game lands available in your area. Perhaps a change of scenery is just what the hunting doctor ordered. Check out options available in NC through the Wildlife Resource Commission.

  • Don’t stop what you’re doing. Too many times, hunters get tired of putting corn out, checking the cameras, or many other efforts they were religious about early in the season. It’s not over to the fat lady sings, and she doesn’t sing in NC until January. Don’t get sloppy your last few days and weeks on the hunt.

  • Keep following deer patterns. If you are checking cameras and looking for signs of deer, allow your findings to direct your final hunts in the stand. Even if you end the year with unfilled tags, you can feel good that you did all that you could and it just wasn’t your year.

  • Take time to reflect. As your season winds down, take some time to reflect on the highs and lows of the past months. Maybe you had the opportunity to hunt with family and friends or maybe you had the opportunity to hunt somewhere new. Maybe you let a buck walk that you look forward to seeing next year. Every season, good or bad, offers an opportunity to learn and grow.

After deer season wraps up, start the cycle of planning for the next year and enjoying other opportunities to get outside. Waterfowl hunting, turkey season, archery tournaments, spring and summer fishing, food plot prep, shed hunting – if you are into the outdoors, there’s always something good around the corner. If you are still able to get up and get to the treestand, you have something to be grateful for.

Fuel Outdoor Gear exists to help you fuel your passion for all things outdoors.

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