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Deer Season's Comin'!

As Turkey Season wraps up, to say the deer hunter traffic in Fuel Outdoor Gear picks up is an understatement. We're right there with you. As much as we thought about those birds and talked about turkey hunting, our mind shifts to deer season prep in less time than it takes to hang the turkey vest back up in the closet.

So, where does deer season prep begin?

Most long-time, hard-core hunters will tell you that Deer Season prep is all year long. But can we just pause for a second and acknowledge 2020 for the disaster that it is?? You may have missed a step in Late Winter or Early Spring this time around, and that's ok. It's not too late to do the right things for the upcoming Fall Deer season.

Check out this quick check list to ensure you don't miss any key steps for Fall.

  • Where are you hunting? Ok, this seems kind of obvious; but if you don't own land or have a private lease, this is a step you can't skip. If you are a public land hunter, you may want to plan a couple scouting trips to decide which areas to focus on. Maybe you're planning on traveling out of state, which will require research and planning. onX maps is a crucial tool in helping you with planning your Fall hunts, no matter what state you plan to hunt in.

  • Deer Herd Health If you haven't done it already, get those minerals and proteins out on the ground. Our top two sellers are Lucky Buck Mineral and Vapple Protein and Mineral products. It's not too late to help your herd grow bigger and healthier.

  • Check your equipment. And we do mean all of your equipment. Pull it all out, inspect it, take inventory. What's damaged? Did you run out of something? What needs to be replaced? There's nothing worse than the week before opening day rushing around trying to find items that are now sold out everywhere. From scentless deodorant to safety harnesses, give your gear a solid inspection.

  • Get your cameras out. If you haven't put them out yet, now is the time to get your deer cams out. Start watching your herds patterns and making note of target deer.

  • Bow Hunters - practice, practice, practice. If you haven't touched your bow since January 1st (or before), don't wait until September 12th to pull it out and expect magic. Check your bow and arrows for damage and potential upgrades. Shoot every day or at least every week to see if you need a tune up or a small adjustment. If you are considering a new bow, now is the time to buy so that you have ample time to practice and feel more comfortable for Fall. If you have more questions, bring your set up by the bow shop for a free evaluation of your equipment or shooting technique.

What else is on your 'to-do' list for deer season?

Wherever you end up this Fall, we hope that you enjoy your time outdoors, the hunt and the experience. We enjoy every season, but there's just something about those crisp, Fall mornings that we are looking forward to.

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