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Treestand Safety and Maintenance

Treestand Safety Checklist

If you've been hunting for any amount of time, you've heard it 1,000 times: "hunt safe." From gun safety to safety harnesses, and don't forget your blaze orange. But when was the last time you checked your treestands and accessories?

Treestand Safety Checklist:

  • All stands and climbing sticks should be thoroughly inspected for rust and cracks. Whether you're in a ladder, lock-on or climbing stand, take the time to look for rust spots and cracks in the welds. If your treestand or climbing stick requires replacement parts, contact the manufacturer.

  • Check your straps and ratchets. Exposure to the weather and animals can breakdown straps and ratchets over time. Check your straps for frays and breakdown. Test all ratchets for proper functioning. Replace any questionable straps and ratchets.

  • Did you leave your ladder stand up in the off season? Remember that you've attached your stand to a growing tree. Check any screws for rust and the tree around the screws for rot. Replace any compromised screws.

Whether you head to the treestand every weekend or a couple times a year, nothing will ruin a hunt faster than a hunting related accident. Remember what your momma said, "be safe out there."

If you discover it is time to replace your treestand or climbing stick, we recommend the innovative products from HAWK Hunting Gear. Ladder stands, lock ons, climbing sticks and accessories in-stock now.

Hawk Hunting Gear

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