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Turkey Season Check-List

Turkey Season Check-List

Some of you have been waiting for it since the last day of deer season: turkey season. North Carolina Turkey Season kicks off for youth April 7-13, with spring season for all running April 14 - May 12. Do not wait until the last minute to get ready. Half of being ready for turkey season is the prep that comes in the weeks leading up to opening day. If you’re not sure where to start or if you’re relatively new to turkey hunting, here’s a simple check-list to get you going in the right direction:

  • Don’t forget your license: Ok, this one feels like an obvious one. Through the years, we cannot tell you how many times we’ve gone to head out of town on a fishing trip, deer hunt, turkey hunt, whatever, only to find that one of our travelers failed to renew their hunting license or tags. Don’t be a dork. Open your wallet right now and make sure you’re good. (You’ll thank us later if you would have been ‘that guy’.)

  • Scouting the hunting spot: Whether you’re hunting the same spot you deer hunt or if you’re hunting a different property, take some time to scout and monitor your turkey activity. It’s best to head out early in the morning and pay attention to their daily patterns. Don’t have time to scout? Try a Spartan GoCam, the leader in Wi-Fi based camera technology. View photos, adjust settings, and monitor that honey hole through an app on your smartphone and never worry about spooking the turkey’s again.

  • Get your clothes out: Depending on where you are in NC and if you’re taking a youth out opening day, what you will wear on April 7 will most likely be a lot different than May 12. Drag your camo out and get it washed in scent elimination laundry detergent, like ScentLok. Take stock of your Spring-friendly, lighter-weight camo options. Turkey’s have insane vision abilities. You will want to be covered in camo from head to toe, including a face mask, neck gaiter, and maybe even camo paint on your face.

  • One-word, calls: Maybe you’re a box call guy. Some of you are ride or die diaphragm/mouth call turkey hunter. Whatever your favorite turkey call, it’s time to get it out and start practicing. Almost all manufacturers offer YouTube videos that correspond with their hottest products, giving calling tips and methods. Stop by Fuel Outdoor Gear to check out the latest pot calls, box calls, and diaphragm calls from Knight and Hale --- and start practicing!

  • Shot-gun or bow: Alright, let’s hear it. Are you a shot-gun guy or a bow toting turkey hunter? Either way, it’s time to get your choke tube selected, shells bought, or bow tuned in. There’s something about using a bow to turkey hunt that makes us feel as manly as possible. (No really, it does.) If this is the year you are going to take your bow out, make sure your bow is in top shape and are practicing on turkey targets. Stop by the bow shop for a final tune up.

  • Take a kid hunting: You know turkey hunting is one of the most exciting types of hunting in NC. The thrill, the rush, the adrenaline. Pass it along. Yes, they may blast that Tom you’ve had your eye on all winter, but you will have made a turkey hunter for life in one day. Just do it.

  • Join the NWTF: No, joining the NWTF doesn’t help your turkey season improve overnight. But they are a resource for all things turkey-hunting. And by joining the NWTF, you are helping to ‘save the habitat, save the hunt’, an initiative dedicated to securing the future of wildlife, wild places and hunting for future generations. You may not get anything out of it today, but you’ll be turkey hunting 10 years from now because of it.

Alright turkey hunting experts, what’d we miss? What is your go-to, must-do tip or trick for Turkey Season? Let us know!

Be sure to share a photo of the 2018 turkey you bag with Fuel Outdoor Gear and be added to the Brag Board. It’s ok, brag a little.

Good luck out there, friends.


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