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Post-Deer Season Depression

We know it's not just us. We hear ya, man. We're convinced that post-deer season depression is a real thing. Your friends may not understand your funk, but we know how you feel.

Maybe you got the big one this year or maybe you got nothing. Perhaps you filled up the freezer or the 'good memory' bank. No matter how you walk away from deer season 2017, it's always a little bittersweet to walk away.

Whether you're missing the extra time outside or the time spent at deer camp with your hunting buddies, here's a few tips and tricks for shaking the post-deer season blues:

• Well duh, start planning for next year. With seed to plant, mineral to put out for optimal growth, food plots to start staking out, tree stands to move and maintain, guns to clean --- deer hunting is a year-round sport! Not sure where to start? Stop by the store. We're dying to talk hunting with someone, and we'd be happy to talk through a 2018 deer season plan with you. (Feel free to invite us hunting with you after we've had this heart to heart.)

• Go through your equipment. It's time. You used it another year without death or impalement. Congratulations. From expired safety systems to rusty deer stands, it may be time to upgrade some equipment. Don't wait until August to buy it all. Spread purchases out throughout the year so it doesn't seem like "you spend all our extra money on deer stuff".

• Plan a fishing trip. Gather all your buddies from deer camp and take off to the closest body of water. river, lake, ocean, pond, bathtub - it doesn't matter. What you are working to achieve here is an optimal boost of testosterone guaranteed to accompany time with the guys from deer camp. Feel free to not bathe or brush your teeth - just like deer camp.

• Work out. No really. If you put on a little bit of a 'winter coat' with fresh backstraps at deer camp, Thanksgiving and Christmas, take a little time to make sure you're in lumberjack good shape by the start of next hunting season. Hard Truth: You're bound and determined to repeat this pattern year after year, until you give up and buy a golf cart to take you to your stand. No one's judging. (Can we get a ride?)

• Archery. So you're not really into working out? Pull your bow out and start enjoying some target archery. Not only will it keep your bow arm in top shape for deer season, but it can be a work out. Kids and wife have a bow? Get them outside for a friendly tournament to see who has to take the trash out for the next six months. Gather your guys up and shoot some targets while you shoot the.....breeze.

• Go on a date with your wife/girlfriend/baby momma. You are either married to/dating a hunting widow that doesn't complain about you being in the woods all the time or you are married to/dating someone that does. For those of you married to a lady that doesn't care that you are in the woods versus completing all the items on your honey do list, take her to dinner. Get crazy, let her pick the place, (Texas Roadhouse or Logan's Steakhouse?). Thank her for being freaking awesome. For those of you married to a lady that complains constantly that you are in the woods all the time, take her to dinner. Apologize that you were not attentive to all her needs. Assure her that you will be better the upcoming year, (knowing this is a ginormous lie). You have just bought yourself complain-free hunting through at least the first week of October. (This tip is also part of the "planning for next year" routine.)

If all else fails, turn on your favorite deer hunting show 24/7 for your households viewing pleasure and remember, only 243 days until deer season 2018 in NC!

What FUELS YOUR PASSION for the outdoors?

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