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Bow tech working on compound bow


Fuel Outdoor Gear's full service bow shop - located in central NC - provides experienced or new archers and bow hunters top quality archery products and services. Whether you are shopping for a new bow, need to upgrade your set up with new strings or accessories, or are in need of a full bow tune, our experienced and trusted bow tech, Jason, is here to help.


We only stock high-quality products and brands to enhance your archery experience, whether shooting target archery or bow hunting. Brands carried include:

  • Mathews Archery Bows & Accessories

  • Hoyt Archery Bows & Accessories

  • Elite Archery Bows & Accessories

  • Mission Archery Bows

  • TenPoint Crossbows

  • Mission Crossbows

  • Morrell Targets

  • Scott Archery Releases

  • Ultraview Sights & releases

  • Easton Arrows

  • Black Eagle Arrows

  • Victory Arrows

  • Black Gold Sights

  • Spott Hogg Sights

  • Schwacker Broadheads

  • Grim Reaper Broadheads

  • And many more!

Stop by the shop to see our full line of products and gear today. 


Our bow shop offers full service to all levels of archers. Below are just some of the services we offer.  Feel free to call us if there is something else you need.

  • Complete bow tune

  • Paper tuning

  • String and cable replacement using premium Rogue Bowstrings

  • Simple adjustments, draw weight/length

  • Peep sight, kisser button, nose button, or d-loop install/replacement

  • Install accessories like sights and arrow rests

  • Full service custom work as needed

  • Cut, wrap or fletch arrows

  • Custom arrow builds to meet weight specs

  • 'Getting Started' beginner lessons

  • And general archery help!




Call 336.880.7379 to speak to the bow tech and learn more. 

Weekly Fun Shoots - $20 entry for all shooters / 50% payout


We will do our best to keep to the following timeline. Rounds can be delayed based upon volume of participants. 

  • Jr Youth = typically 10 & under, and only shooting 10-yard shot

  • Youth Hunter = 18 and younger, but 18yos must still be in HS; using standard hunting/compound equipment

  • Youth Open = 18 and younger, but 18yos must still be in HS; using Target Set Up

  • Adult Hunter = shooters 18+ with standard hunting/compound equipment

  • Adult Open = shooters 18+ with target set up

  • Recurve = any age with a recurve bow


Under 18 may shoot with the adults but will not be scored separately. Fuel Staff has the right to move your class entry based upon skill and equipment at the event. Thank you in advance for your understanding!

March Fun Shoot Schedule

Don't miss out on the fun!  Fun shoots end for the season in March. Join us for the final week!

Tuesday, March 26th

Jr Youth & Youth Fun Shoot

6pm - Jr Youth Line Time​

6:45pm - Youth Line Time

Thursday, March 28th

Adult Fun Shoot

6:30pm Line Time

Click here to register for the March 26th Jr. Youth & Youth Shoot

Click here to register for the March 28th Adult Shoot

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Fuel Outdoor Podcast - Waypoint Skinning



Tel. 336-880-7379
10102 S. Main St, Suite G
Archdale, NC 27263



Tuesday - Friday 10a-6p

Saturday 9a-1p

Sunday & Monday Closed




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Fuel Outdoor Gear exists to help you FUEL YOUR PASSION for the outdoors as the only full-service bow shop in Archdale, NC, also featuring hunting & fishing gear to get you outside. From target archery to bowhunting, turkey to deer season, bass to crappie fishing, hiking and camping - our passion is outdoor sports and activities.


Fuel Outdoor Gear is honored to provide a 10% discount every day for active-duty and retired military, firemen, EMTs, and law enforcement officers. Thank you for your service.

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