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About Team Fuel Outdoor Gear, our new S3DA Team!

1/24/24 Update:

Initial registration for Team Fuel Outdoor Gear for the 2024 team has completed

However, we do not want to turn anyone away. If you are still interested in joining Team Fuel Outdoor Gear, please call the shop at 336-880-7379 or email We would love to talk with you further about opportunities to participate. 

Next Official Event --> Boneyard Indoor Regional Qualifier, 02/03/2024


Don't forget to log into Sport80 and sign up for the event if you are planning to attend. You can sign up now and pay next week if needed. About this event:

  • It is only about 45 minutes from Archdale!

  • It is a large metal building, so it is indoors, but it will be cold.  

  • Dress warm, but not so bulky that it affects your ability to shoot. 



Opportunities for practice - Here are some great opportunities to practice before the next event:

  • Thursday, Jan 25th - 5 or 1-spot Fun Shoot at Fuel Outdoor Gear

  • Tuesday, Jan 30th - 5 or 1-spot fun shoot at Fuel Outdoor Gear

  • All team members may come by and shoot in the range for free 1 day! (Coaching staff available to assist depending on customer load.)



Indoor state championship will be Saturday, Feb 17th. Info is available now on Sport80. After that event, we will begin shifting practice to 3D targets, shooting techniques and scoring. 3D events begin in March!


Events shift from Indoor to Outdoor 3D events in March:

  • March 9th @ Rocky River, Monroe, NC

  • March 23rd @ Cornerstone Archery Club, Statesville, NC

  • April 6th @ Mecklenburg Wildlife, Charlotte, NC

  • April 13th @ Davidson County, Lexington, NC

  • May 11th @ Broadheads & Bloodtrails, Grover, NC

  • May 25th @ Cornerstone Archery Club, Statesville, NC



Fuel Outdoor Gear is excited to offer this program to our community to encourage interest in archery, help build a potential for future archery opportunities, and to provide fun, healthy competition via a safe learning environment that puts youth first. 


Team Fuel Outdoor GearCoaching Staff

We are committed to a safe, educated and fun learning environment for youth participants. Our entire coaching staff has been certified via the S3DA coaching program, will have completed a background check, and will have completed the SafeSport training program. 

Meet the coaches from left to right: Ren lackey, Jason Lassiter, (Chris Postsons - S3DA instructor), Jennifer Lassiter, Thomas Steelman, Charles Olmeda

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